1920 -high construction and architectural education was founded in Azerbaijan. Relevant departments were functioning in the various high educational institutions of Azerbaijan .1975-the independent Azerbaijan Engineering and Construction Institute was established with the initiative of Haydar Aliyev, by the Decision of Ministerial council of the Azerbaijani Republic. 2000 – Azerbaijan Engineering and Construction Institute was renamed the Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University.
The University Campus
The University campus is located within 5.56 hectars, consistis of four academic buildings, sports centers equipped with modern facilities and a dining room with 2 guest room. On the territory of 3.08 ha the campus has five residential and one academic building.
Educational of the University
At seven faculties of the University: Architectural, Construction, Water management and engineering – communication systems, Transportation, Construction technologies, Constructional – economic, Mechanics and information technology – 6.000 students are enrolled in 22 Bachelor’s and 37 Master’s degree programs. Moreover, one Bachelor’s and four Master’s international degree programs are currently being carried out. Foreigners should pass a year’s training at the preparatory faculty before their admittance to the University. The University operates Construction College and Specialized lyceum.
Full – time Distant
Bachelor’s 4 years 5 years
Master’s 2 years 2.5 years
Bachelor’s - 240
Mater’s – 120
Training available in
Azerbaijani, Russian, English (in specialties, architecture and construction)
Double degree programs

Degree Specialty
Istanbul Technical University Bachelor’s Construction engineer
Northamption University (London) Master’s Urbanism

Solid Waste Management
Architecture faculty
Architecture faculty was established in 1971. Today, training in the fields of architecture and design, as well as 7 specializations are conducted. Faculty graduates can work in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and design; engage in landscaping; restoration of historical monuments, etc.
Bacehlor’s course
Master’s course
-Design and technical aesthetics
-Architecture of buildings and constructions
-Town building
-Design of architectural environment
-Reconstruction and restoration of architectural monuments
-Landscape architecture
Construction faculty
Established in 1920, the Construction faculty was one of the first schools ti begin preparation of the engineering staff for the Republic.Here, specialists in industrial and construction fields, urban economy, administration, real estate expertise and manipulation are trained today.
Bacehlor’s course
Construction engineering
Master’s course
-Industrial and constructional engineering
-Municipal Urban Construction and Management
-Organization and technology of construction of buildings and structures
-Theory of structures
-Metal construction
-Concrete Structures
-Dynamics and earthquake resistance of buildings and structures
-Bases and foundations
Water economics and engineering communication systems faculty
This is one of the largest faculty of AzUAC .Formed in 2000 on the basis of several specialties: water management, ecology, systems engineering constructs and structures. Currently, along with traditional programs, a training program is implemented and developed in the framework of international prjojects and partnership agreements with leading foreign universities in the area.
Bachelor’s course Master’s course
-Oil and gas construction engineering Sea hydrotechnica structure engineering
Engineering systems and Building of structures engineering Energy management
Melioration and construction,of water economy engineering Systems providing microclimate of buildings and,structures
Ecological engineering Heat and gas supply
Water supply
Waste waters separation and purification
Alternative regeneration,energy
systems (in,buildings)
Hydrotechnical construction
Construction of melioration and engineering,systems and their operation
Water power stations construction
Security and complex use of water resources
Meloration, recultivation and soil protection
Solid emissions processing technology
Energy management in buildings (international)
Transportation faculty
The Faculty was founded in 1975 as one of the faculties of the newly organized Azerbaijan Engineering and Construction Institute. The Faculty grows specialists in design, construction and operation of highways, bridges and tunnels. Here you can find educated professionals in the fields of applied geodetic works, urban land assessment and real estate accounting.
Bacehlor’s course
-Transport facilities construction engineer
-Surface vehicles engineer
-Geodesy and cartography engineer
-Structure of the earth and land cadastre
Master’s course
-Railway and highway construction
-Road and airfield construction
-Bridge and transportation tunel construction
-Transportation tunnel and underground construction
-Traffic organization
-Applied geodesy
-City cadastre
Faculty of Construction and Economics
The basis of the specialty was laid in 1920, but the Faculty operates under this name only since 1990. Here, economics and management specialists are trained in the following fields: construction management, construction business, organization and development, and insurance business organization.
Bacehlor’s course
-Industry Organization and Management
-Business management
Master’s course
-Economy and management of industries and services (directional)
-Management (directional)
-Business organization and management
-Insurance business organization
Construction – Technology Faculty
The Faculty was founden in 1976, The Faculty prepares specialists of building materials and construction, cladding, decorative and insulating materials made of porcelain and glass. Training is conducted in woodworking and furniture production technology and personnel is trained to ensure safety in the construction industry, emergency prevention and response, and life safety.
Bacehlor’s course
Material study engineering
Construction Materials and product technology engineerring
Timer engineering and wood working technology
Master’s course
Material study and material technology
Physics of materials
Construction materials and structures technology
Material resourcesand ecology protection
Cement technology
Facing and insulating materials
Woodworkind technology
Furniture production technology
Life activity security (according to directions)
Engineering environmental protection (according to direction)
People and the environment radition safety
Emergency safety processes
Emergency management
Mechanical and information technologies faculty
The Faculty was founded in 1977. The main objective of faculty is to provide training in areas of mechanization and automation of technological processes construction; the use of technology, machinery, equipment and automatic control systems; safety management and expedient maintenance; and information technology.
Bacehlor’s course
Machine engineering
Technological machine and equipment engineering
Automatization process engineering
Information technology and systems engineering
Master’s course
Machines and maintenance technology
Machinery construction technology
Road machine and equipment construction
Lifting machines and equipment
Technological machine and equipment production, repair and technology
Electric power supply
Technical system management and informatics
Echnological process and production automation
Faculty of Construction and Economics
The Preparatory faculty of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AzUAC) for foreigners was founded as a separate structural subsection by the Ministry of Education the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1984, and it is an Educational Centre of pre-tertiary education. Over 3000 foreign citizens from nearly 60 countries have studied and got certificates on this faculty in recent years: from Europe and Africa, Near East and South America, Asia and CIS. The main task of the faculty is to prepare the students from foreign countries to further professional education (bachelor and master degrees) in AzUAC and other universities of Azerbaijan as well as the countries of CIS. This period of education is the first step of both adaptation of foreigners to new language environment and preparation of studying basic subjects.
Data on reception of foreign citizens on Preparatory faculty of AZUAC
On the following specialties:
Architecture, design
Technical specialities
Physical and mathematical specialties
Chemistry, biology, medicine, physical culture, agriculture
Training is conducted in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages. The students who were trained within a year and successfully passed final examinations receive the state certificate on the termination of preparatory faculty allowing them to continue training in AzUAC and also in following higher education institutions Republic of Azerbaijan on the chosen specialty.

Architectural faculty

Architectural program, design

Construction faculty

Construction program

Faculty of water supply and engineering and
communication systems

Chemistry program, biology

Transport faculty

Construction program

Construction and technological faculty

construction and engineering program

Construction economics department

Construction and economic program

Faculty of mechanization and automation

engineering program
Education fee in Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University (for foreigners in USD)
Bachelor's degree
Specialities Full-time Correspondence
Architecture 2500 --
Other specialities 2000 1800
Master's degree
Architecture 2500
Other specialities 2200 1800
PhD (Doctor's degree)
All specialities 3000 2500
Preparatory faculty 1000
Language courses 700
Dormitory is available at AzUAC, accommodation is 100 AZN(67$) per foreign student. If there are no vacant rooms in the dormitory, then rent for per person in Baku is between 100AZN (67$)– 200 AZN(130$). We would like to mention that we, Study in Azerbaijan group can help you to rent a room if you want.
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