1946 the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR in the Order No. 1313 dated February 2 and May 15, the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic on the basis of a two-year Akhundov Azerbaijan State Institute of Teachers has been established.1956 - 1957 in the academic year, the institute was held at five-year education system. The initial phase of its rich history (1952–1959) Akhundov Pedagogical Institute of Russian Language and Literature of the Russian language and literature teachers for secondary schools developed into the largest specialized institution. During this period, the institute developed a teacher of Russian language and literature up to 4000.
With the countries of the world community of independent Azerbaijan, as well as constantly expanding relations with Eastern European states of these countries is not only the language and literature, as well as economy, geography, socio-political system and culture that are deeply conditioned the need for the preparation of highly qualified personnel. The purpose of this task with a high level of implementation of the re-organization of the necessity of having high school emerged. BSU in a short period of time, highly qualified, professional staff, educational and scientific potential, with modern infrastructure has become a comprehensive educational institution. This is a unique educational and cultural center of Baku Slavic University as the Slavic peoples of the region and promotes the study of moral values. The Russian, Slavic languages and literature is carried out serious research, not only for our republic, but also highly qualified human resources for a number of Eastern countries. Structural changes which have occurred in the university covers all of its areas of activity. Quarry in the regular education during the last two years BSU has become a center of scientific slavistica and Slavic culture. Today at Baku Slavic University has 26 departments. University professors and teaching staff of 38 doctors, professors, 184 candidates of sciences, senior lecturer and senior lecturer and teacher, includes more than 200.
The foreign students take an active part in different international and Republican Conferences, Scientific round-tables, Students’ Amateur Theatre and sports sections. The dean organizes different events for many important occasions. Today the citizens of different countries study at Baku Slavic University for getting different university degrees, such as, degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate in different departments as in the Preparatory Department.
Required Documents for Admission:
-An Application from
-Attestation, Diploma (certified by the appropriate Ministry Apostille)
-12 Photos of 3x4 sizes ( in red phone)
-Medical reference
Faculties and Tuition Fees: Preparation – 800 AZN (550$)
Philology and Journalism (Russian, English, French, German) and Literature Teaching, Philology
( the Russian language and Literature, the German language and Literature, the English language and Literature, the French language and Literature)
1800 AZN
Philology (The Azerbaijani language and Literature), The Azerbaijani language and Literature teaching, Journalism 1800 AZN (1200$)
International Relations and Translation – Region studies ( on Russia, on Azerbaijani,on the Ukraine, on Turkey, on the Czech Republic 1800 AZN (1200$)
International Relations 2200 AZN
(1450 $)
Translation (English; Azerbaijani – Russian; Russian – Azerbaijani; Greek; Bulgarian) 2200 AZN
(1450 $)
Pedagogical (Foreign language teaching (of Russian) 1800 AZN (1200$)
Primary School Teaching 1800 AZN (1200$)
Socio – Psychological services in Education 1800 AZN (1200$)
Philology 1200 AZN,(800$)
The Russian language 1200 AZN,(800$)
The English language 1200 AZN,(800$)
The German language 1200 AZN,(800$)
Russian Literature 1200 AZN,(800$)
French Literature 1200 AZN,(800$)
The Azerbaijani language 1200 AZN,(800$)
Azerbaijani Literature 1200 AZN,(800$)
Comparative linguistics 1200 AZN,(800$)
The Theory and History of Literary Criticsm 1200 AZN,(800$)
The Theory of Literature 1200 AZN,(800$)
General Linguistics 1200 AZN,(800$)
Translation (English, Polish, Czech, Greek, Azerbaijani, Russian) 1400 AZN (950$)
Journalism ( International journalism, Publicistic journalism) 1200 AZN (800$)
Country Studies (Russia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Turkey, The Ukraine, The Czech Republic) 1400 AZN (950$)
International Relations ( International relations and diplomacy) 1800 AZN (1200$)
Primary School Teaching ( Teaching methods and methodology in primary schools) 1200 AZN (800$)
Language and literature teaching ( Teaching methods and methodology of the Azerbaijani language and Literature) 1200 AZN (800$)
Goreign language teaching ( Teaching methods and methodology of the Russian language. Teaching
methods and methodology of the English language,Teaching methods and methodology of the German language Teaching methods and methodology of the French language )
1200 AZN (800$)
Pedagogics ( Theory and history and Pedagogics )
Doctorate – 1400 AZN-(950$)
Work experience – a month – 150 AZN -(100$)
Extern exams (for masters) – 200 AZN -(135$)
Education languages at the University are Azerbaijani and Russian. Education is held in two forms: full time and correspondence forms, Lessons in the Preparatory department for foreign students are conducted in Azerbaijani, Russian and English departments. Education here is chargeable and the education charge is paid in advance.
For the Preparatory department: During the whole academic year.
For Bachelors: Deadline is on the September 10, lessons begin on September 15.
For Masters: Admission is held twice a year. Deadline for the first admission is September. 10, deadline for the second admission is February 15.
For Doctors: During the whole academic year.
You must apply for the Embassy or Consulate of Azerbaijan in your country for visiting Azerbaijan. The list of all the documents for visa must be given there. You should pay attention to the validity date of your passport not to be expired till the period of your studies. It is because of the expiry date of your passport not to be expired till the period of your studies. It is because of the expiry date of your passport not to be expired while you are in the territory of Azerbaijan
After Arrival:
Registration according to the place of staying.
After arrival in the Republic of Azerbaijan during 10 workings days you must apply for the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan for being registered according to the place you are planning to stay. Otherwise, you will be fined in accordance with the Migration Code.
After admission to University:
Temporary stay permission card (TSP- card ) Students admitted to Baku Slavic University must apply for the Dean’s Office for foreign students at BSU to be allowed to stay temporarily in the territory of Azerbaijan during a year a month before the expiry date till the end of visa validity. The Dean’s Office for foreign students or the responsible person of ‘Study in Azerbaijan’ will help you to get the Migration card form the State Migration Service. Payment for a one year migration card is 40 AZN (26$), the amount of the payment for the health reference required for migration is 75 AZN(50$).
Dormitory is available at Baku Slavic University, accommodation is 100 AZN(67$) per foreign student. If there are no vacant rooms in the dormitory, then rent for per person in Baku is between 100AZN (67$)– 200 AZN(130$). We would like to mention that we can help you to rent a room if you want.
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